Deluxe Racing Stripes Kit

Our Deluxe Racing Stripes Kit is here at last. This is the finest racing stripes kit we offer and is available with several different options that gives you the ability to build your own. Featuring tapered ends and .25" pinstriping, this set of rally stripes will look great on whatever type of vehicle they are put on.

All stripes kits come prespaced at 2" and are available in widths of 6", 8", or 10" (each stripe including pinstripes). The overall width of the stripes including a 2" center spacing would be 14", 18", and 22" respectively. Stripes can be seperated for more or less center spacing.

The kit is available in 3 different lengths to accomodate any vehicle or preference.

Economy Kit: Includes one pair of racing stripes 5' long and one pair 2' long. This kit is perfect for trucks or cars where hood and tailgate/rear deck striping is wanted.

Base Kit: Includes the same as the Economy kit plus an additional 6' section for roof striping.

Premium Kit: This kit includes 4 sections of stripes. One 5' pair for the hood and front bumper, a 6' section for the roof, a 5' pair for the rear deck down to the bumper, and an additional 4' of racing stripes for spoilers, airdams, or other parts. This is the kit you want for total coverage.

Note: The Roof section in the Economy and Premium kits and the extra 4' in the Premium kit are not tapered on the ends.

Deluxe Racing Stripes Kit includes installation instructions and application tool.

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