3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl

Check out this new 3d Carbon Fiber vinyl film without the high cost of actual carbon fiber.

This carbon fiber vinyl is made of UV resistant vinyl that features a carbon fiber textured finish. The look resembles the actual texture of carbon fiber.

This 3D Carbon Fiber vinyl is easy to install with built in "air release" channels. Say goodbye to wrinkles or bubbles.

This film is perfect for your vehicle's exterior or interior: Wrap hoods, wings, trunks, side pillars, rims, mirrors, door handles, interior trim, etc...possibilites are endless.

3D Carbon Fiber Film is made of a permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive self-adhesive that is stretchable around bends and corners with heat. It has a great outdoor durability of up to 3 years without fading.

This stuff looks fantastic on whatever you decide to wrap or accent.

Available by the foot and 3 different hood wrap sizes. MEASURE BEFORE ORDERING. For larger sizes or quantity contact us for lower prices.

How to order by the foot:
Figure out how much material you will need and order accordingly. For Example: you need a section 1 foot wide by 3 feet long. You would choose "1 ft. wide" form the drop down choice and then a quantity of 3. If you needed 5 foot wide by 2 feet long, you would choose "5 ft. wide" and then a quantity of 2.

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