C-Stripe - Reverse for 2010-Up Mustang

The 2010 Ford Mustang is turning heads again with its subtle redesign. Now you can make heads turn with this all new C - Stripe.  This graphic is made to fit the 2010-up Mustang and really gives this new generation muscle car a tough street look. It follows the body lines and contours like the graphics were made to be there. Ford got it right with this Stang and these stripes will make your ride even better looking.

Emblems will have to either be removed prior to installation and reinstalled OR stripe must be carefully trimmed during installation.The emblems on the newer Mustang are offset enough that the only way to achieve a centered look within the stripes with them is to remove and reposition them. While this doesn't have to be done, in order to achieve the exact look as above follow these steps: (1)Remove the 5.0 emblems. All glue and material need to be removed from the emblems and the car. There are 2 holes where the emblem was mounted. (2)The plastic nubs on the back of the emblems need to be CAREFULLY snipped or ground down. (3) Install the stripes directly over the holes. (4)The emblem is centered and reinstalled with new double-sided tape making sure that it covers both holes.

Complete the look with the OPTIONAL HOOD DECAL.

Kit includes side stripes(left and right sides), installation instructions, and application tool. The hood decal pictured can be added as an option.

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