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TOOLS REQUIRED: Windex(or other glass cleaner), towel, razor blade, squeegee(or driverís license, etcÖ), heat gun or blow dryer, tape measure or yardstick, masking tape.

You may notice a slight curve in the decal. Due to the curve of the glass, this is added so that the decal appears to run straight across the windshield.


1. Thoroughly clean entire surface where decal is to be applied. Be sure area to receive graphics is extra clean; remove any tar or other residue.

2. Hold graphic/stripe next to vehicle to figure out best placement then place a piece of tape at either end to hold decal in place.

3. Once satisfied with placement, take another piece of tape and run it vertically across the middle of the decal so that is touching the glass on both sides and make sure it is secure.

4. Take either end of the decal and fold back to the tape so it is laying upon itself. Carefully, peel off the backing paper of that half of the sticker and with a razor blade cut and discard the paper.

5. What you should have at this point is the decal folded in half with half of it ready to be applied.

6. Take the exposed end of the decal and fold it back where it originally started making sure not to let it touch the glass. The piece of tape in the middle will act like a hinge placing the decal where you originally wanted it. Starting at the middle(where the tape is), slowly but firmly press the decal onto the windshield with a driverís license(or similar squeegee) all the way to the end. Do not force graphic into place as this may cause wrinkling, rather, let the application tape guide its placement. Be sure on placement before applying because once graphic is applied you cannot take it off without damaging it. Go over that entire half with your license.

7. Remove the tape from the other side and the center and fold that half on top of the other half that is now applied. You wonít have to cut the paper this time, simply peel it off form the back. Repeat the application process.

8. Once decal is fully applied, very CAREFULLY and SLOWLY peel pre mask tape off at about a 130 degree angle (not quite on top itself).

9. Once the pre mask is removed, squeegee out any bubbles. If necessary, a bubble can be popped by using a pin and working out the air trapped beneath the graphic.

10. Thatís it! Wipe windshield clean with Windex to remove finger prints and enjoy!

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