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Vehicle Graphics Installation


TOOLS REQUIRED: Spray bottle full of water with 2 drops of dishwashing liquid, razor blade, squeegee, heat gun or blow dryer, tape measure or yardstick.

You should only attempt installing outside when temperature is at least 60 degrees. Avoid installing in direct sunlight.


1. Thoroughly clean entire surface of vehicle. Be sure area to receive graphics is extra clean; remove any tar or other residue. It’s preferable for the car to have been waxed within the last few months, however, do not wax car right before applying graphics; the surface will be too smooth for vinyl to adhere correctly. If the vehicle has just been waxed it is HIGHLY recommended that you remove the wax with a wax remover available at any auto parts store.

2. Hold graphic/stripe next to vehicle to figure out best placement.

3. Wet the area of the vehicle receiving the graphic.

4. Carefully, peel off backing of sticker.

5. Spray the tacky part of graphic thoroughly with the water solution. At this point both the graphic and car should be reasonably wet. Place the graphic on the vehicle where you want it and slide it into place.

6. Use the squeegee to smooth out the graphic and remove the water and bubbles.

7. After going over the graphic with the squeegee a few times, let the graphic sit for about 5 minutes then squeegee it again.

8. Very CAREFULLY and SLOWLY peel tape off at about a 130 degree angle (not quite on top itself).

9. Once the pre mask is removed wet the graphic again and squeegee out any other bubbles. If necessary, a bubble can be popped by using a pin and working out the air or liquid trapped beneath the graphic.

10. Use the razor knife to trim and cut between all edges, doors, hood, gas tank, etc.

11. To dry edges, hold the heat gun or blow dryer, set at low heat, about 8-12 inches away from graphic and make a few steady passes over the surface then tuck the edges. KEEP THE HEAT GUN/HAIR DRYER MOVING AT ALL TIMES AND BE SURE ENTIRE GRAPHIC HAS BEEN APPLIED.

12. Carefully wipe off any extra water and do not wash or wax the car for 24 hours. Avoid driving in rain, snow, or freezing temperatures for 24 hours. The graphics will not come off after installation so if it’s a nice day take it for a ride.

13. The next day, check all edges for lifting by rubbing over them with you finger.

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